Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Jack Crowely Memorial Scholarship

The Montana Tech Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Department offers one of the only truly interdisciplinary degrees in the state of Montana. Unlike other interdisciplinary degrees around the country that have a core in only Arts and Humanities, Montana Tech’s interdisciplinary program also embraces our strong heritage of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. We push our students to integrate Science, Technology, Communication, and the Arts to solve the modern problems of our society.


Our students are from diverse backgrounds, but have a common goal of innovation through Arts and Sciences.  They also have a common need of scholarship support, and that is why we are asking you to give today to the Jack Crowley Memorial Scholarship.


In the summer of 2017 the Montana Tech community lost one of our most treasured educators and student advocates.  Since 1988, Jack Crowley dedicated his life to our students and programs.  He was a beloved teacher, mentor, confidant, and friend to students, staff, and faculty alike.  All of his efforts and time were donated to others in our Butte community, through either organizations like the Butte AIDS Support Services or through personal face-to-face interactions. Every day he brought his love of Music, Literature, Architecture, and dogs to everyone regardless of their background or origin. At every turn, he put students first, and our department does our best to continue that legacy.


The Jack Crowley Memorial Scholarship allows us to do what Jack did best, enrich the lives of our diverse group of students through education.  The purpose of this scholarship is to reward students who are successful in classes, involved in extracurricular activities on campus, and active in the Butte community, and is specifically designed to help those students in financial need. Please consider donating today to support our future Montana Tech students and enrich their lives through education.  


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Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Donor Map
Rank State Donors
1 MT 4
2 AA 0
2 AE 0
Departmental Challenge Leaderboard
Departments are competing head-to-head for a chance to earn extra money towards their department by bringing in the most individual donors to their project. The top ten finishers split the pot valued at up to $20,000.
Rank Prize Department Gifts
1 $5,000 Mining Engineering 89
2 $3,750 Digger Athletics 83
3 $2,500 Business Information & Technology 37
4 $2,000 Environmental Engineering 33
5 $1,750 Petroleum Engineering 29
6 $1,500 Geological Engineering 24
7 $1,250 Mechanical Engineering 23
8 $1,000 Montana Tech Nursing 18
9 $750 Safety, Health & Industrial Hygiene 15
10 $500 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 13
11 Electrical Engineering 9
12 Highlands College 9
13 Undergraduate Research Program 7
14 Biological Sciences 7
15 Professional & Technical Communication 7
16 Computer Science 6
17 Student Affairs 6
18 Civil Engineering 4
19 Chemistry & Geochemistry 3
20 Geophysical Engineering 3
21 Mathematical Sciences 3
22 Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences 3
23 The Institute for Educational Opportunities 3
24 Data Science/Statistics 2
25 Health Care Informatics 1
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