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Montana Tech (then the Montana State School of Mines) opened its doors to our first 39 students on the 11th of September 1900 with one building (Main Hall) and two degrees (Mining Engineering and Electrical Engineering). It was our DAY ONE. Now, over 100 years later, we boast two growing campuses between Montana Tech and Highlands College and offer over 60 degrees.

To celebrate our history and our growth, we are holding our first 24-hour digital fundraising event DAY ONE. The goal is to bring together our Montana Tech community, to share what is happening on campus, and raise funds for our academic departments in focused areas.

Departmental Challenge

The results are in for our Departmental Challenge and the winner is.....Mining Engineering! Congratulations to all the departments that placed, as a matter of fact we had a few ties and so we awarded over the $20,000 we had originally planned.

Below are the official and final standings for our DAY ONE departments as well as the extra dollars they earned!

1. Mining Engineering                                                $5,000

2. Nursing                                                                 $3,750

3. Business Information & Technology                         $2,480

4. Petroleum Engineering                                          $2,000

5. Digger Athletics                                                   $1,750

6. Environmental Engineering                                   $1,500

6. Professional & Technical Communication              $975

7. Safety, Health & Industrial Hygiene                     $1250

8. Trades & Technology                                          $235

8. Chemistry & Geochemistry                                 $410

9. Geological Engineering                                       $750

10. Computer Science                                            $500

10. Civil Engineering                                               $500

During our DAY ONE from 10am on the 11th of September to 10am on the 12th of September. we offered two unique giving incentives, one was a matching opportunity for first time and student donors and one gave our academic departments a chance to add extra dollars to their project based on their overall donor total.

Featured departments went head-to-head for a chance to earn extra money towards their department by bringing in the most individual donors to their project. The top ten finishers split the pot valued at up to $20,000.

1st -        total dollars raised matched up to $5,000

2nd -       total dollars raised matched up to $3,750

3rd -        total dollars raised matched up to $2,500

4th -        total dollars raised matched up to $2,000

5th -        total dollars raised matched up to $1,750

6th -        total dollars raised matched up to $1,500

7th -        total dollars raised matched up to $1,250

8th -        total dollars raised matched up to $1,000

9th -        total dollars raised matched up to $750

10th -      total dollars raised matched up to $500

We also offered a first time and student donor match between 10am on the 11th of September 2017 to 10am on the 12th of September 2017.

First Time and Student Donor Match:

First time or student donors y were matched $2 dollars for each dollar given up to a total of $20,000. That means your gift of $50 actually has the impact of $150.


While the incentives have concluded for this year's DAY ONE, we invite you to search though our projects and get a sense of the awesome work happening on campus. We appreciate your support and know that your gift is the solution for Montana Tech students!

DAY ONE Matching Final Stretch
Sep 12, 2017

We're nearing 10am and with that the conclusion of the two available giving incentives; our 2 to 1 New and Student Donor Match and our Departmental Incentive.

Here is the current leader board:

  1. Mining Engineering
  2. Nursing
  3. Business Information & Technology
  4. Petroleum Engineering
  5. Digger Athletics
  6. Environmental Engineering
  7. Professional & Technical Communication
  8. Safety, Health & Industrial Hygiene
  9. Trades & Technology
  10. Chemistry & Geochemistry
  11. Computer Science

Help your department in the final stretch! Good luck to all our project and for more information and to give click here

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